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Members of our office


Zorka Borozan
Max Sebastian Winterfeldt
(left the Office begining 2004)

Jelena Korać

Nevena Terzić


Zorka Borozan


  • Attorney at law
  • Born in 1948.
  • Judge at the First Municipality Court in Belgrade for 11,5 years
  • Judge at the County Court of Belgrade for 3,5 years
  • Attorney at law since April 1990. when admitted to the Bar Association in Belgrade, since then practices law in this office without interruption.
  • Mrs. Borozan speaks English and German (Court interpreter for German language)
  • Mrs. Borozan is also the Arbiter at the Foriegn Trade Court of Arbitration of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.


Mrs. Borozan passed away in September 2022

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